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Real stories from real families

From heroic moms to dependable dads, part of what makes the HelpCanadians community strong & unified are the family stories we share with one another.

Some anecdotes are vivid life lessons that leave a lasting impression on how you should approach the loved ones in your life. Some are heartfelt & genuine, snapshotting a moment or phrase with their family they'll carry with them forever. And some are downright hilarious, as sleep-deprived mothers across the country empathize & share with one another about their hyper-energetic toddlers.

The collective stories by Canadian families we've helped (and who have helped us) will inspire, comfort, educate, and put things in perspective in parenting, family life, raising children with disabilities, seniors, and family support!

Find your inspiration

I've been battling postpartum anxiety since the birth of my daughter five years ago. The symptoms include panic attacks, heart palpitations, worrying thoughts and insomnia. My treatment plan includes....

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Share your strength

Have a funny, heartwarming, or touching story about your unique perspective on family life? We'd love to hear it! As would many other families who may find an important lesson from your family's experiences. Submit your stories here, and it could be shared with families across Canada!

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