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Senior Disability Benefits in Canada

As your parents or grandparents grow older, their dependence on you grows as well. Just as they cared for you when you were young, it’s time to return the favour when they’re old.

We focus on returning the freedom and independence that may’ve been lost with age. Mobility issues, cognitive decline, chronic pain, arthritis, vision and hearing loss, as well as problems with memory are just a few disabilities that can impact a senior’s quality of life. 

Disability Tax Credit for Seniors

An elder living with a physical or mental disability may qualify for Canadian disability benefits – namely the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), and the Disability Tax Credit .

As a division of Canada’s largest disability tax service provider, The National Benefit Authority, we offer support and assistance with senior disability benefits in Canada. We can walk you through each step of the complex process, positioning your elder for the maximum Disability Tax Credit (DTC) amount for seniors. In the event that a member of your family passes away, you can still apply a retroactive Disability Tax Credit after their passing.

To get started on your claim or for more information on how to apply for disability benefits, please visit our Apply for Disability page.