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The Disability Tax Credit

Is your family struggling to manage a disability?

Living with a long term disability doesn’t solely affect the disabled person, but their entire family. Whether it’s a physical or mental disability, these afflictions will change the lives of everyone in the family.

Regardless of the condition, it shouldn’t affect happiness, independence, and getting the most out of each day for your family. To help with expenses, the Canada Revenue Agency provides tax credits, deductions, and disability benefits for Canadians, including the Canadian Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

What is the Disability Tax Credit?

The Canada Revenue Agency defines the Disability Tax Credit as a non-refundable tax credit that is used to reduce income tax for those individuals that may be eligible.

In other words, the DTC helps offset the costs of managing a medical condition, whether it’s through special education, equipment, or medications, as well as everyday expenses.

Who’s Eligible for the DTC?

Check out our comprehensive list of mental and physical medical conditions that have qualified for the DTC in Canada.

You or a family member must also fill out and complete Form T2201, or the Disability Tax Credit certificate. This is done partially by you, and partially by a certified medical practitioner.

If you need help determining Disability Tax Credit eligibility for you or a loved one, please visit our Apply for Disability page and fill out the assessment form.

Disability Tax Credit: An Overview

As a division of The National Benefit Authority, Canada’s largest service provider of the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), we know just how many disability benefits go unclaimed annually – nearly 50%.

The issue stems from a combination of an absence of awareness, and the complexity of the Disability Tax Credit application process. The lack of literature, exposure, and funds to generate awareness in the community have resulted in millions of unclaimed Disability Tax Credit dollars. And when people do become aware of the DTC, the interest quickly fizzles when they encounter the tedious requirements and infamous ‘red tape’ of the DTC application process.

We launched HelpCanadians to fill this need for families in Canada that have so far found disability benefits to be inaccessible, or who may be unaware of such benefits to begin with.

Claiming the Disability Tax Credit for Your Family Member

To get the full and retroactive money you or a family member may be eligible for, we can guide your family towards a successful disability benefits claim. Our team has successfully aided over 40,000 Canadians with their Disability Tax Credit applications, working with clients every step of the way until they receive the full benefits they’re entitled to.

To apply for disability benefits, fill out our Apply for the Disability Tax Credit form to see if you qualify.

Already collecting the DTC?

If you’re already collecting the DTC, we also specialize in a no charge review – a simple process in which we determine whether you qualify for even more money than you’re already receiving.

One of every four inquiries we receive is related to a person already receiving their Disability Tax Credit – and we are able to help one of every three Canadians get additional money!

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