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Canadian Disability Benefits

Ensuring every member of your family is happy and healthy is a never-ending challenge when you’re managing a disability, too.

Parents and caregivers working through these obstacles require all the family support and resources available to them, as they incur additional expenses that other families don’t. The costs of special education, special equipment, or medications can quickly add up.

Thankfully, the Canada Revenue Agency provides numerous Canadian disability benefits for families to overcome these challenges together. We’ve made it easy for you to find and access the Canadian disability resources you need to offset the costs of caring for your loved ones.

Canada Child Benefit

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a tax-free benefit for families that care for a child under the age of 18 who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit. To be eligible for this child tax credit, the family or caregiver must prove the child has a severe and prolonged physical or mental impairment that affects their quality of living.

Children eligible for the CCB may also qualify for the Child Disability Benefit, in addition to related provincial & territorial programs.

In order to receive the Canada Child Benefit, you must first apply and be approved for the Disability Tax Credit. To see if your child qualifies, visit our Apply for Disability page . To learn more about the CCB, how to apply for child benefits, or to get started on a Canada Child Benefit application, check out our dedicated CCB guide.

Disability Tax Credit

A family member living with a physical or mental disability may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

This program is designed to help Canadians maintain the standard of living they enjoyed before their diagnosis. HelpCanadians is a site powered by The National Benefit Authority, the country’s largest service provider of the DTC, having helped over 40,000 Canadians recover their disability benefits.

Contact us today for a quick, no-fee assessment to find out if you or a family member qualifies, or get started on your claim now .

Child Disability Benefit

The Child Disability Benefit is a tax-free benefit for families that look after a child under the age of 18 who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit.

Once a medical practitioner verifies your family member has a severe, prolonged mental or physical impairment on the Disability Tax Credit certificate, your family may be eligible to collect this Canada child tax benefit.

For a full breakdown of the Child Disability Benefit program, visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website for more details.