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A large number of Canadians don’t receive their Disability Tax Credit (DTC) or Child Disability Benefit due to the tedious and time-consuming Disability Tax Credit application process.

The paperwork – coming in the shape of a T2201 form, also known as the Disability Tax Credit certificate – must be precise. Even a single error can make a claim completely void.

As a division of The National Benefit Authority, Canada’s largest DTC service provider, HelpCanadians can assist you and your family with a disability benefits claim. We complete the paperwork, research, consult with your family physician, and liaise with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf.

Our process is fast, simple, and free!

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The first step in claiming disability benefits is determining Child Disability Tax Credit / Disability Tax Credit eligibility. Fill out the initial assessment form below for the person making a claim, and we’ll send the forms & paperwork that enables us to represent you and make a claim on your behalf.

Remember, there are no fees throughout this process! Charges are done at the end of the process – and only if we’re successful in your claim.

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T2201 Form: The Disability Tax Credit Certificate

Completing and submitting your T2201 is the next step after you or a family member has qualified for the Disability Tax Credit.

Part of our service involves our Benefits Specialists walking you through the form, ensuring everything is filled out correctly for the best chance at a successful claim. Keep in mind your medical practitioner must also complete and certify parts of the T2201 form – we can liaise with them on your behalf, too.

If you decide to work through the application process on your own, you can find the Disability Tax Credit certificate on the CRA’s website.

For any questions or more information about Disability Tax Credit applications, eligibility, or the claims process, call us today at 1-888-389-0080 or contact us online.