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Family Support from HelpCanadians

HelpCanadians offers family support and disability resources to Canadian families in need of assistance with their disability benefits.

From family support for children with disabilities to helping a family member apply for disability, we provide both family resources and disability support for Canadian families that leave their disability benefits unclaimed.

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Family life is unpredictable, with high and lows, decorated through moments of pride and joy, as well as difficult decisions and hardships. We want to be there to support you at the defining crossroads your family may meet, offering advice and aid when you need it most.

The National Benefit Authority

A division of The National Benefit Authority, a service provider that helps people claim Canadian disability benefits in the form of the Disability Tax Credit and Child Disability Tax Credit, HelpCanadians is an extension of our long-term vision of helping families in need.

The National Benefit Authority was founded by Akiva Medjuck, who built the company on a simple premise: help the half-million Canadians living with disabilities who are not receiving their Disability Tax Credit or Child Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian government.

Over a decade later, we’ve grown into the largest service provider of the DTC in all of Canada, where we’ve successfully assisted over 40,000 Canadians with their disability benefits. In the process, we’ve been a much-needed listening ear to thousands of differently-abled Canadians and their families.

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Family Support, Disability Help, and More

HelpCanadians extends that same care and service to parents and caregivers that have a thankless but important job: raising a happy and healthy family.

Throughout our 10 years of experience in working with differently-abled Canadians, we identified many areas in which families in Canada can struggle. We empathize with these families, offering expert advice, guidance, resources, and assistance in claiming disability benefits on your family’s behalf.

Not sure if your medical condition constitutes as a disability in Canada? Visit our Disability Help page to see if you or family member may qualify for Canadian disability benefits.

Family support for children with disabilities can be found through the Canada Child Benefit program. We’ve put together a quick guide about this benefit here .

Need help with your disability tax credit or Canada child benefit application? Read our how to apply page, or contact us directly for a FREE assessment.